High Five For Swimming Nature’s Swimming Teachers On World Teachers’ Day

High Five For Swimming Nature’s Swimming Teachers On World Teachers’ Day

World Teachers Day!

Today is #WorldTeachersDay, a chance for us all to celebrate and recognise the important role all of our teachers play in helping children learn to swim.

It goes without saying that the last 18 months have been tough for everyone, and we know how much all of our teachers have missed their students.  Therefore, to celebrate a full return to swimming this Autumn, we’ve been asking our customers to share with us who their favourite Swimming Nature teacher is and why they are special for World Teacher’s Day.

The response has been incredible and we have received so many great comments that we’d like to share with you here.  To spice up the nomination process for a bit of fun (as we know our teachers like a competition!), we also set a challenge to see which teacher received the most customer nominations.  After counting them up, there was three teachers who received an equal number of nominations – and they were Ruben Sylva, Joseph Mulugeta Ghebgiorgis and Stela Petkova – congratulations!

Challenge aside, this is about celebrating all our swimming teachers for all the work they do, and we are delighted to be able to share just some of the nominations here.

Brandon is a great swimming teacher. He is inspiring, disciplined and enthusiastic. My son loves swimming with Brandon.

We nominate Hristo as the best swimming teacher. He is patient, kind, firm but fair, and funny! My son clicked with him from the start and doesn’t want to ever have anyone else. Hristo brings out my son’s confidence with ease and makes swimming a total joy!

I would like to nominate Tom, who is such a kind, patient and inspirational teacher. When my son first started swimming, he was so scared, he would shake all over, but Tom’s gentle and encouraging style got him feeling confident and happy in the water and the shaking stopped after one lesson. He has developed into a strong and capable swimmer, and this is all down to Tom’s thoughtful and clear instructions and ability to motivate and inspire his pupils. Thank you Tom, we are so grateful to have had you as our teacher for the last four years!

We would like to nominate Michal.
Michal has supported my son to build his confidence underwater, he is very caring. Michal is aware about what is the strength and weakness of my child and he has worked around it so well. Michal is a passionate instructor.
We are glad to have him as our son’s instructor.
Go Michal.

A high five to Natalie! She demonstrates patience during lessons and has taken time to get to know my son in order to keep him motivated.
Thank you for all that you do.

I nominate Joanna because, she is really kind and funny and she tries her best for everyone and everything.

Hello, I’d like to nominate Rheanne because she’s encouraging, supportive and makes lessons fun as well as making sure they make progress!

Hi, I’d like to nominate Jhon because he’s always patient, creative and brings a real sense of fun to lessons, even when faced with a three-year-old who doesn’t want to go under the water!

Stela is the best teacher ever.. she explains everything so well.. she is kind and always smiling. We love Stela very much.

I would like to nominate Diogo for the best swimming teacher award/recognition. He is extremely knowledgeable, technical, patient, meticulous and kind. Diogo is the best teacher my daughter has ever had. He makes her classes very progressive which gives her a sense of achievement and sparks a feeling of ambition.

Kasia – is a very kind and nurturing teacher. I’ve observed her several times when she worked with ‘special needs’ children. She is the most patient teacher with a big heart. There was an incident (not related to Swimming nature classes) in the hotel pool a couple of months ago, when a hotel guest fell near the pool and injured himself; his son was there too but unfortunately he was non-verbal and became anxious. Kasia sat down next to the boy all the time until his relatives arrived calming him down and talking to him to make sure he is alright.

Hugh and Hamish, previously at Spirit Edinburgh (and now Hamish at George Watsons) would like to nominate Mario!!!!!
He is absolutely fantastic, enthusiastic and a fabulous teacher!!! Meticulous in stroke teaching and both boys absolutely loved ‘ Super Mario’ as their teacher!!!!!
(ps as their Mum I completely agree with their vote!) Swimming Nature are lucky to have such a great teacher on their team!

We wanted to nominate Kris at Muswell Hill for the big high 5! He’s a brilliant teacher who has helped our son combat his fear of water and turned him into a water-loving little boy! He’s been doing weekly classes for about 6 months in a small group of 2-3 year olds and he now loves to go swimming, dunk his head under water and, really importantly!, now lets us wash his hair no problem!

We would like to recognise Frankie’s role in teaching Max how to swim – Frankie truly nurtured Max’s passion for swimming. She took an individual approach and built on his strength and interests!

We’d like to nominate Zoe at the Lensbury Swimming Nature. Zoe is an exceptional swimming teacher who has a wonderful way of inspiring the children to achieve their very best. She mixes kindness, wit and skilful attention to detail and her dedication and passion for teaching beautiful swimming is palpable. Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing Zoe !

Both my sons swim with Juan at Marriott Regents Park Hotel.
Juan always has a smile on his face. His upbeat and positive attitude have had a positive impact on both my boys. He is a good motivator and my kids love swimming with him! Well done Juan! Thank you.

Ruben is the best!
Ruben has taught me to swim since I was 5, I think.
I was frightened of swimming teachers before I had him and now swim like a ??
Well actually I’m a Turtle ????

I would like to nominate teacher Joseph because he makes swimming super fun and enjoyable while learning, this is the reason why he has been my swimming teacher since I was 4 years old and has been my favourite swimming teacher since I started with Swimming Nature.

I’d like to nominate Joanna in Edinburgh for her amazing gift with children; she’s gentle whilst also encouraging, she’s empathic whilst also fun, and she gives a huge sense of security and confidence to those children swimming with her. Thank you Joanna, Rosanna and Juliette love you!!! I just wanted to give a high five to the above teachers.

I’d like to nominate Andy who has taught my daughter one to one for the past three years. She has a learning disability and Andy is patient and kind with her, and her swimming has improved a lot under his tuition. He is always positive and encouraging and makes lessons fun. He is also willing to chat about dogs between lengths which she really appreciates! She really loves her swimming lessons with Andy and we think he’s the best!

I would like to nominate Destiny, she has only been teaching my boys since the beginning of September but I can already see improvement and she has quickly learnt how to manage each of their characters! I am so impressed!

I would like to mention Sam Hunt. He has been our teacher for more than 7 years now. I am very thankful for his continuous enthusiasm, patience, passion and 100% devotion to what he does.
Sam is a skilful swimmer himself, but what is more important for me – is the fact that he is able to pass his skill to my two kids. His instructions are very clear, his comments are up to the point, and his overall mental support when something does not go as planned is very motivational. My daughter really likes being in the pool with Sam because he is also really fun! At the same time, He challenges and pushes kids a lot. Our kids have continuous and steady swimming skills improvements.

Juan is very kind and patient – but children can get distracted easily. Juan knows how to keep them focused, and pushes them to achieve their abilities. My daughter has been seeing Juan for the past 2-3 years and her progress has been incredible with him. He is the only teacher we want to use. He is positive, has a good energy, knows how to motivate and gives praise where its due. More teachers like him please!

I want to nominate Frankie at the Maqam Centre. She went over and beyond to get our son to be comfortable to get into the pool. For weeks he would refuse to go in but Frankie tried different approaches and he now absolutely loves swimming with Frankie.

Kris Czarnas is our favourite teacher!
He is incredibly encouraging, nurturing and always has a wonderful positive attitude and smile.
He focusses on the details of technique and pushes his students by identifying their strengths then building on them, he also manages to work with them to progress areas that need improvement.
We have had Kris as our teacher for 6 years and am so thankful that we found him. He has given my son the most incredible foundation to swimming and helped him fall in love with the sport. He is becoming a beautiful swimmer thanks to Kris’s dedication and persistence.
Sometimes when you experience incredible teaching the impact stays with you for life and helps you understand what you deserve and can achieve as a student. So much love for Kris.

Nomination for Manuel Munoz
A brilliant swimming teacher- always smiling and enthusiastic, he knows how to get the best out of each pupil. He is a credit to swimming nature!

We would like to nominate Joe as “the best swimming teacher in the world” to quote my daughter Roma age 8. Roma adores her swimming lessons with him, and looks forward to them every week. Always with a smile, and witty comments and jokes completely attuned to her sensibilities, he makes lessons fun and enjoyable, while instilling confidence and good technique, to help her master swimming strokes.
While she was very disappointed when lockdown happened and the pool we swim in – Queen Mother’s Sports Centre – closed for a long period, Joe helped immensely by staying in touch (well above and beyond his role as teacher) and sending her little messages of support, which meant the world to her, and ensured that she was not nervous or fearful of returning to normal and getting into the pool with him again this summer.
We cannot think of anyone more worthy of the accolade of ‘best swimming teacher’ and hope he will continue to teach her for many more years.
“Joe is the most fun swimming teacher ever. He is my friend and makes me laugh and love being in the water!” From Roma, age 8

We would love to nominate Maria as special teacher. Giulio loves her lessons. She is attentive, carful, kind, sweet but also strict when it is necessary. She put lots of enjoyment and creativity in the lesson with her special water games that I never see before and my son enjoyed them very much. She sensitive in understanding children needs and stimulate them. She put lots of attention also in the swimming technique. To be honest It is really the first time that I saw many qualities all together in one teacher.

I nominate Emily from the Maqam Centre in London.
Emily has inspired me to achieve a lifetime goal of swimming front crawl. As a 63 year old I needed thoughtful encouragement as I don’t flex as much as others! She is brilliant

Thanks to everyone who sent in their nominations and for your continued support.

A big HIGH FIRE to all our swimmers and our swimming teachers.

Happy World Teachers Day!

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