Swimming Nature for Children

Whether they’re complete beginners or not, we teach children how to swim correct strokes until they’re swimming with complete confidence. We start by instilling in them the principles of relaxation and flotation.

Personal tuition

We’re proud of our one-to-one and two-to-one classes and the thousands of children we’ve taught to swim in them. Your children can join the programme at any point from the age of three onwards. There are seven levels, each one named after a different water-loving animal. From levels Frog to Penguin classes last 30 minutes. From Turtle to Swordfish you can choose between 30 or 60 minutes.

The Progression Book

The progression book is almost as important as the water itself. Before your child starts, they’ll be given the precious book and the accompanying bubble stickers. Hold on to them. At the end of each term, along with your teacher’s personal report, it will be time to put the stickers in the book and celebrate every bit of progress.

The Progression Book has become a proven motivational tool, helping children to accelerate through the seven levels from basic underwater waving to strong and stylish swimmer.

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Besides the Progression Book and its stickers, each time your child achieves a new key skill at any level, they’ll receive an embroidered cloth badge from their teacher. The challenge is to collect all twenty.

Level 1 - Frog
  • Shallow water confidence
  • Underwater waving
Level 2 - Seal
  • Flotation back
  • Flotation front
  • Leg kick front
  • Leg kick back
Level 3 - Crab
  • Front crawl
  • Deep water confidence
  • Backstroke
Level 4 - Penguin
  • Racing dive
  • Backstroke
  • Front crawl
Level 5 - Turtle
  • Front crawl
  • Breaststroke 100m
  • Backstroke 100m
Level 6 - Crocodile
  • Backstroke 400m
  • Butterfly 25m
  • Breastsroke 400m
  • Front crawl 400m
Level 7 - Swordfish
  • Medley 200m

Animal Levels

Our water-loving animals, one for each of the seven levels of the programme, are here to encourage, inspire and reward children as they progress through it. Stimulating lesson plans ensure children are active and engaged for the whole of every lesson.

Level 1 - Frog
  • Perfect for young children to discover the properties of water
  • Learn how movement is affected in water
  • Hop through constructive play without floats or arm bands
  • Develop confidence in shallow water
  • Key skills: breath control submerging and supported flotation
Level 2 - Seal
  • Understand the basic principles of propulsion through gliding and kicking exercises
  • Show off your balance skills by floating unaided in the water
  • Learn lateral breathing
Level 3 - Crab
  • Gradually move into deep water
  • Take the first steps towards a technically-perfect backstroke
  • Learn the components of front crawl
Level 4 - Penguin
  • Build stamina using the learnt backstroke
  • Complete your learning of the front crawl including bilateral breathing
  • Learn tumble turns and racing dives
  • Build your stamina
Level 5 - Turtle
  • Lessons focus on learning breast stroke
  • Start to toughen up your swimming
  • Tuition focuses on stamina, rhythm and timing
  • Strengthen your front crawl and backstroke
Level 6 - Crocodile
  • You’ve developed flawless technique in three strokes
  • Use your strength and undulation to learn butterfly
  • Practise distance and speed swimming
  • Test yourself with Swimming Nature Challenge times
  • Move up to advanced work on timing and rhythm
Level 7 - Swordfish
  • Swim in Medleys that show off everything you’ve learnt
  • You complete our programmes as a strong, competent swimmer