Swimming Nature in Muswell Hill

Swimming Nature in Muswell Hill

Confident, effortless swimming doesn’t happen overnight. It takes the right classes, great instructors, patience, hard work, and plenty of commitment. Those last three points are all up to you, but as for the classes and instructors, if you’re in the Muswell Hill area, we’ve got you covered.

Swimming Nature has now reached the grand old age of thirty, and as we move into our fourth decade of providing proven scientifically-backed private swimming lessons on a 1:1 or 2:1 basis, we’re delighted to be able to continue offering swimming classes in Muswell Hill – at The Laboratory Spa and the newly refurbished pool at Creighton Avenue.

While the Laboratory Spa has long been a popular mainstay in the Muswell Hill area, we’re excited to see the changes at Creighton Avenue, where better facilities have helped to transform the swimming venue. At both swimming pools, you’ll find our expertly trained teachers on hand, delivering our perfected methodology that has already taught thousands of babies, children, and adults across the UK to swim.

At Swimming Nature, we like to think we do things differently. Forget overcrowded classes where the teachers stand at the edge of the pool calling out unhelpful suggestions, forget floatation devices, and forget leaving the pool wondering why you even bothered in the first place.

We provide classes for babies, children, and adults, where we deconstruct the art of swimming that others often overcomplicate. Starting from the very basics, with an instructor in the water with you, we teach buoyancy and water confidence first before moving on to the individual components of swimming and gradually putting everything together to create beautiful swimming and complete confidence.

Baby swim classes are a wonderful way for parents to bond with their little ones, while also helping them strengthen their heart and lungs as well as their arm, leg and neck muscles. Swimming at a very young age has also been shown to improve coordination and balance, aid sleep, develop cognitive abilities, as well as establish those basic safety lessons that can prove vital in a worst-case scenario.

Swimming classes are about creating a baseline for safety, but there are so many other benefits that range all age groups. Not only is it a phenomenal workout that exercises your whole body, but it also helps to boost mood, lower stress levels, improve cardiovascular abilities, and plenty more.   

If you’re looking for swimming classes in Muswell Hill, and want those classes done right by the best around, look no further than Swimming Nature. We don’t tolerate poor-quality swimming lessons, and neither should you. Start your path to a lifetime of effortless swimming today.       

For more information and to book, visit www.swimmingnature.com or call us on 03445 04 05 06.

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