Prioritise Swimming This Summer With Our Fast-Track Intensive Courses

Prioritise Swimming This Summer With Our Fast-Track Intensive Courses

If you do one activity this summer, prioritise swimming for your child – it’s not only fun, it’s a key life skill that opens up many future sporting, recreational and social opportunities.

With so many children having missed out on starting or accessing their regular swimming lessons during the pandemic, our popular fast-track intensive courses will provide a safe, warm environment this summer for them to catch-up, regain their confidence or perfect their swimming techniques.

All of our private 1:1 or 1:2 intensive courses are delivered by highly trained swimming teachers who are experts in tailoring lessons to suit the individual swimmer’s ability, from the complete beginner to the more advanced.

Our summer-long fast-track courses are made up of five intensive daily lessons, which are held Monday to Friday every week during the school holidays, starting on Monday 19th July in Scotland and Monday 26th July in England.

What to expect:

Each day, students will progress though each of the modules in our unique seven stage learn to swim syllabus. Each level is characterised by a different water animal, and during each level the children are actually mimicking what the creatures do in the wild. So, for Seal, our second level, children will be learning to float, balance and flip from front to back – water circus skills, so to speak!

Level 1 – Frog

The main aim at this entry level is to get children fully adapted and comfortable in the water.

Level 2 – Seal

This is where we start teaching the solid base for all strokes – body position and leg kick – front and back.

Then, once your child has mastered the basics and is comfortable in the water, we begin the process of teaching effective, elegant and recognisable strokes.

Level 3 – Crab

Focusses on back and front crawl, with emphasis on being comfortable in deep water.

Level 4 – Penguin

Develops stamina in back stroke and full front crawl.

Level 5 – Turtle

Develops stamina in front and back and breast stroke.

Level 6 – Crocodile

Increasing stamina and distance for front and back crawl and breaststroke, and learning butterfly.

Level 7 – Swordfish

Becoming a Pro – all strokes – medley.

You can check out which water animal level your child is here

The intense, one-on-one nature of our lessons means your child is almost guaranteed to advance through the modules / levels ready for the Autumn term.  And, if your child is a beginner, at Frog level, the daily routine will give them a great, confident start to learning how to swim.  Equally, the week-long classes offer an opportunity for swimmers to focus and perfect their stroke(s) technique.  They are also a great way for your child to get active and have fun during the school holidays.

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