How to Best Diversify Business at Your Pool

How to Best Diversify Business at Your Pool

The storm clouds have been gathering for some time, but the expected swimming pool apocalypse hasn’t yet materialised. Nevertheless, pool operators are still facing several significant problems hampering growth for their business.   

Rising operational costs, a noticeable dip in attendance, and the burgeoning popularity of alternative recreational activities have all contributed to a need for innovation and diversification. 

Gone are the days when simply having a pool was enough to ensure a steady stream of eager customers. Today, owners must creatively expand their offerings to remain competitive and relevant in the leisure industry.


Variety is key to attracting a broader audience and ensuring sustained revenue. A few decades ago, a pool needed only to open its doors in the morning and would receive a healthy stream of customers, but times have changed.  

There are numerous reasons behind this shift, including a general decline in swimming interest across all age groups and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, booming competition in other sports, such as CrossFit and cycling, has diverted attention from traditional swimming activities. As a result, swimming pools can no longer take customers for granted, and operators are increasingly looking to diversify their offerings to cater to specific demographics and interests.

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Strategies for Success

Activities and Games

Incorporating fun, engaging activities and games into the pool environment can significantly enhance its appeal. These could include aqua zumba, water polo, or even inflatable obstacle courses. Such activities provide entertainment and encourage group participation, making the pool a community hub.

While there has been a general decline in swimming interest in teenagers and adults, for those between 5-10 years old, swimming remains the most popular physical activity – with 49.5% of children in this age category participating in swimming on a monthly basis. Therefore, children – well, their parents, at least – are your most reliable customers, so focusing on them is imperative.


Tailoring classes to specific age groups or interests ensures everyone has something to look forward to at the pool. For seniors, gentle aqua aerobics can provide a low-impact form of exercise and a great way to socialise. Consider a post-class tea and cake meet-up if you have a cafe or similar facilities, and people will love it.     

Aqua aerobics is often associated with being just for seniors, but that’s far from the case. Any exercise in the water helps build core strength, improves cardiovascular health, and boosts brain function, making it a perfect activity for all ages. It’s just all about marketing. If you advertise an aqua aerobics class, you might not get many young takers, but if you promote it as a ‘calorie shredding full body water-based workout,’ you’ll probably get a lot more.   

There are also plenty of new forms of exercise making their way into the pool. Yoga is a massive industry, and aqua yoga is rapidly gaining popularity. There’s also aqua pilates and aqua jogging – both still on the niche side, but perfect for thinking outside of the box.  

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Pregnancy and Baby Classes

Swimming and water exercises are excellent for expectant mothers, offering a safe and effective way to stay fit. Offering specialised classes for this demographic can attract a whole new group of customers who might not otherwise consider using the pool.

And again, if you have the facilities and the option to do so, adding a post-workout option where mothers-to-be can sit and relax together will only increase overall customer satisfaction. 

But there’s no reason to stop after the birth. The benefits of swimming for babies are almost endless, including helping coordination and balance, strengthening muscles, heart, and lungs, improving sleep, and adding a general calmness that isn’t always present in the very young. 

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Swim Classes

Swim classes are the most obvious service you can get at a pool but are often overlooked. Swimming levels have been in decline in Britain for some time, with current figures showing that nearly 1 in 4 children leave primary school unable to swim, with 1 in 5 adults – around 14 million people – unable to swim. 

There has never been a greater need for swimming classes, but too often, pool operators miss their chance simply because they’re not offering what customers really want.  
Children’s swimming lessons are a staple offering, but there’s room for innovation and growth. Beyond basic swim classes, consider themed swim days, junior lifeguard courses, or water-based science classes that educate while they entertain.

Private Swim Classes

The biggest drawback of group swimming classes is that they don’t work for everybody. There will always be some that succeed, no matter the environment. It doesn’t matter whether they’re in a group or by themselves; they’ll figure out how to make it work. 

On the other hand, many children – and adults – struggle to learn and implement under the traditional group class dynamic. For them, having a teacher stand by the side of the pool, calling out instructions, isn’t what they need, and they’ll never learn that way.  

Private swim classes offer a personalised approach to learning, which can be particularly appealing to those who are self-conscious or with specific learning needs. Moreover, they allow for flexible scheduling, making the pool accessible to customers who cannot attend group classes.

Pool operators are often wary of introducing private swim classes as they believe they’ll be limiting their customer base, but the opposite is true. Diversifying your pool business means offering products and services that customers want but might not be able to find elsewhere. Private classes are in great demand and command a higher price point, significantly boosting revenue. 

What’s more, they can be done within just one or two lanes – meaning normal pool operations are barely affected. Adding a small section of your pool for private swim classes provides another very lucrative arrow in your bow. 

Private lessons with Swimming Nature

Water Safety Classes

With an increasing awareness of the importance of water safety, offering classes on this topic can serve both the community and the pool’s business interests. These classes can teach essential skills like first aid, CPR, and safe swimming practices. 

By positioning itself as a leader in water safety, a pool or leisure centre can build a positive reputation and foster community goodwill.

Galas and Events

Hosting swimming galas, competitive events, or themed pool parties can turn the pool into a vibrant event venue. Such events provide an immediate boost in revenue and serve as marketing opportunities, showcasing the facility to potential new customers.

Hours of Business

Extending hours of operation or offering special “members-only” hours can make the pool more accessible to a wider range of patrons. Early morning or late evening hours can cater to working adults, while dedicated family hours on weekends can attract parents and children looking for weekend activities.

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In the face of rising costs and shifting public interests, diversifying the offerings at a pool or leisure centre is not only beneficial, but quickly becoming essential. By broadening the range of products and services, from innovative classes to special events, pools can attract a broader demographic, increase revenue, and secure their place as a vital part of the community. 

Adding private swim classes is one of the easiest ways to boost revenue quickly, and in that field, there’s no company with more experience than Swimming Nature. We’ve been teaching our scientifically backed methodology to babies, children, and adults for more than 30 years now and are proud to be the UK’s leading private swim class provider. Are you looking to boost revenue fast with next to no hassle? Get in contact with Swimming Nature today to learn how partnering with us can help grow and diversify your business.   

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