The Benefits of Baby Swimming Lessons

The Benefits of Baby Swimming Lessons

Baby swimming can have a very large impact on the development of your baby in many areas, such as mental development and social skills. 

It is often debated what the best age to start swimming lessons is, but really it all depends on your child. We believe that a baby should be at least 3 months old before getting into the pool; Pampers also believe this is a suitable age for babies too.

Our Baby Swimming Lessons are available for babies that are aged 3 months to 3 years old. There are three types of classes your baby can take: 

  • 3 to 12 months 
  • 1 to 2 years 
  • 2 to 3 years 

The baby classes are split into three class types because the development for each age bracket tends to be different. For example, babies that are 2 years old are more generally more aware in comparison to a baby who is 3 months old, but of course, development in each baby is different. 

Babies can benefit so much from swimming lessons.  

Baby Swimming Can Improve Coordination 

Water is amazing because it’s completely different in terms of gravity. The water supports your baby’s body in the water meaning that it can be easier for your baby to gain a good sense of balance. 

Water Confidence For you and your Baby

One of those things that are so difficult to build, but once that confidence is gained, it can prove to be an amazing asset. The best part is that it’s not just your baby that gains water confidence which is a good start before they take on the children’s lessons, but if you have a slight water fear, then it may help you too! 

Improvement in your Baby’s Eating & Sleeping

Let’s just say that your baby will build up an appetite after having fun in the pool; the physical activity will also make improvements to your baby’s sleeping pattern. 

Heart & Lungs Development 

Swimming is one of the few sports that requires you to use your whole body, which is of course a full-body workout. This is great for babies as it enables them to further develop and strengthen their heart and lungs. USMS has a good article on how swimming has a positive impact on your heart along with other points such as how swimming can reduce stress and lower blood pressure. 

It’s about you too 

Sometimes we get so caught up in life with looking after our children that we never take time to look out for ourselves. Swimming is so beautiful because it allows you to escape the outside world for a while. In a way, it’s like therapy.  

Baby swimming lessons really are great. We particularly love the social aspect of our lessons as it allows not only the babies to interact with each other, but also allows for parents to connect and build good parenting relationships. Click here to take a closer look at what our baby lessons consist of. If you wish to book then you can do so by booking online, calling us, or sending us an email.

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