How Swimming Uses the Body and Mind to Aide Self-Confidence

How Swimming Uses the Body and Mind to Aide Self-Confidence

Children’s self-confidence has been hit really hard due to the pandemic. Children have not had the opportunity to interact with their friends, engage with their teachers in person, and in some cases, they’ve not even left the house. Having had round the clock single contact with their parents/carers too might also have been very difficult for them. Their parents/carers have been their teachers, their everyday play dates, their everything. 

Build that Self-Confidence!

Building self-confidence can be very hard, but it is achievable.

Now that things have started to open up again and restrictions are being eased, it’s important for children to start physically interacting with other people again, away from a computer screen, so that they can start to rebuild their self-confidence.

Learn to Swim!

One way is by learning to swim.  Swimming offers so many physical, mental well-being and health benefits because it uses both the body and the mind.  The learning process helps children to focus their minds, and the lessons provide a positive, safe environment in which to interact with other children and their instructor. A 2:1 lesson especially enables children to form closer bonds, and helps them to communicate and motivate each other. This social aspect is so useful for children; subluminally it teaches them key social skills … how to get along with other children, and the importance of supporting their peers.

It’s Good For your Mental Well-Being!

After missing out on physical education at school over the lockdowns, health and fitness are also so important, as it plays such a big part on mental health. Research has shown that physical exercise can have a big impact on your mental health.

Participating in regular physical activity is an investment in your mind and body. When it becomes a habit, it can foster your self-worth, self-confidence and make you feel better about yourself. People tend to feel better about themselves and their physical appearance when they exercise regularly.

Studies have also shown that the earlier a child starts swimming lessons, the more self-confident they are likely to become. The communication aspect of swimming too, gives children, of all ages and abilities, the confidence to interact with other children, and with their instructor.

It Works!

We recently ran a competition asking parents why they think learning to swim is important, and we received so many amazing responses. One of which I read was very inspiring.

“My son has been swimming with Swimming Nature for over three years now… and more to come as we have already booked for next year. His performance has improved so drastically that we get compliments about his style and stamina from strangers in the pool!  He is so lucky to have his current teacher, Mr. John, who has been his instructor for three years! Mr. John is just phenomenal!

Just recently diagnosed with ADHD, swimming has been such a release for him, with the likes of Michael Phelps as strong role models! Knowing that he is a good swimmer has added so much needed self-confidence. As his family, we are thrilled that swimming has become such an integral part of his weekly exercise, as he now represents his school in Swimming Gala’s, performing beautifully! Our plan for his near future is to join a swimming club, and who knows, maybe one day he can be a role model to others, reminding them that labels do not define them, and that we are all special in our own way.”

When I read this story, I was so inspired!  Knowing that here at Swimming Nature, we are giving children the confidence to face real personal challenges through learning to swim beautifully. It shows that the Swimming Nature way really does help boost a student’s confidence and in turn helps them overcome the obstacles they face in life.

Prove Everyone Wrong!

“If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.’”

– Vincent Van Gogh

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