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Getting back to the pool

Our framework for teaching during COVID-19

Our specialty is to teach private and semi-private lessons. In most of our pools we operate with only 2 students per teacher, already a reduced student/teacher ratio. We follow guidelines drawn up to ensure rapid student progression under the direct supervision of an experienced Swimming Nature teacher.

In our parent and baby lessons we will be reducing the numbers further in many pools. This will ensure that there will be low numbers of users at any one time, whilst social distancing is maintained in the water and at the facility.

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Swimming pools and COVID-19 – the science

According to research, swimming pools remove the risk of transmission; Professor Keith Neal, Emeritus Professor of the Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases, University of Nottingham, says: “the likelihood of catching COVID-19 in water is virtually zero, because coronaviruses are respiratory viruses and have not evolved to thrive in water.” Plus, in a maintained swimming pool, chlorine is “designed to kill far more nasty bugs” and so “essentially removes” the risk of catching COVID-19.


Venue facilities guidelines

Each venue will have their own specific guidelines, so please check them online.

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Each day, teachers will sign in and confirm they are fully fit and free of any coronavirus symptoms (see NHS England guidelines). Their temperature will be recorded and we will confirm they are fit to teach. Additional training has been given to address the extra routines required to operate in, and provide for, a safe environment for your child:

  • Meeting, greeting and communicating with parents and students.
  • Every teacher has been issued with, and instructed in the use of, new equipment to provide a complete but safe teaching environment, and will disinfect all equipment between lessons.
  • Ensure our method of teaching is strictly applied, according to our enhanced guidelines.

Lesson equipment

One of the strongest approaches that differentiates Swimming Nature from other teaching practices is our method of pulling the student along by their hands, and guiding them to focus on the specific mechanics of strokes. We have sourced and introduced equipment that ensures a suitable distance while the student executes such movements, but the instructor can still apply our method of teaching.

Instructor with face shield and distancing equipment
Instructor with PPE mask on

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Every teacher will wear a visor to ensure they are protected from any residue from students and vice versa. However, when demonstrating (swimming), they may take it off, while maintaining an appropriate distance.

Pool platforms

We have built additional “stations in the pool” where students will safely stop to listen to explanations, in a very controlled environment.

Pool platform
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Communication and motivation during lessons

Unfortunately, “give me five” high-five interactions are forbidden until further notice. The Swimming Nature team are actively working on a suitable alternative to recognise great performance!


Students at different levels of our programme require differing amounts of close attention. The table (right) shows how we estimate this. We ensure the application of our approach, and the enhanced equipment we use, will have the same excellent results, while maintaining the necessary protection.




The little ones still need close attention, and we will ensure the application of our approach and equipment will result in the same results, while maintaining the necessary protection.




This is when we teach them to be fully independent. The application of our teaching technique still applies, but students start to swim longer distances, building stamina and strength. The teacher will apply the main method of fully explaining and using our interaction in a portion of the lesson.




By now, students are competent swimmers but still learning new strokes (breaststroke and butterfly). They are pushed to perform while using drills to totally improve and “polish” their strokes. Teachers will be still interacting with them, and explaining the respective “subject of the day” in the water and applying our teaching method, with the use of our equipment.

Parents and students

We ask that parents and carers work together with us and follow our guidelines to getting back to teaching and swimming lessons/swimming pool use. Total collaboration will be the answer to a successful operation rather than imposing strict rules. Of course, we operate in some facilities that will have their own rules and we will have to follow them.

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COVID-19 symptoms

If you or your child have any COVID-19 symptoms (raised temperature and cough, see NHS England guidelines), please stay at home and do not come to the venue or the lessons. Please inform us if this is the case by calling 03445 04 05 06 during office hours 9am to 6pm.

Arrival and departure from lessons

  • Please bring your child “beach ready”, meaning with their swimming costume already on. This will mean it is quicker and easier to get changed for the lesson. The only other equipment the swimmer will need is a pair of goggles, pool shoes and a swimming hat.
  • Parents/carers, please put these on the children prior to the lesson as teachers will no longer be able to assist for the time being.
  • Please follow the flow of the arrows marked on the floors and other signage for entry and exit of the pool as per your venue instructions. Each venue has a different one and it is important that you are familiarized with the new layout.
  • Your teacher will wait for you in the pool going forwards. Please drop off your child with their swimming teacher and exit the poolside under guidance rules for your venue. Please collect your child from the poolside and their swimming teacher at the end of the lesson. Do not enter the pool hall unless the lesson has finished.
  • After the lesson there won’t be showers but we recommend you shower at home. Please dry off and get changed, taking your belongings with you.
  • No food items, water bottles or drinks are permitted in the pool or the changing rooms for children or babies of any age.
  • Additional cleaning will be taking place in our venues throughout the day to maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Please exit the changing rooms immediately after changing to allow other users to come in and use the facilities.

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Terms and conditions

In order to have a smooth operation, and in case anyone in your immediate family unit is unwell due to COVID-19, once we are informed we will automatically withdraw you from 2 weeks of classes and add 2 credits (relative to 14 days) to your account. Note this can only be used as a make-up lesson or in a Fast Track Intensive Course, subject to availability. Once cancellation per family. Can only be applied to COVID-19 cancellations. Credits cannot be used to reduce the cost of a School Terms fees or an Annual Tuition Package. They must be taken in the current term.

These guidelines will be regularly reviewed to make sure we can provide the best possible services, in line with government advice.