The Ultimate Swimming Kit Check List for Kids

The Ultimate Swimming Kit Check List for Kids

So, you’re going swimming! Have you packed your kit yet?

In all that excitement to jump in and start blowing bubbles, perfect your front crawl or smash your personal best, don’t forget your swimming essentials!

The Ultimate Swimming Kit Check List has been designed especially for you and your parents, so you know exactly what to pack for your swimming lessons.

See you in the pool!

Hugs and high fives,

Speedy Ray

P.S. Feeling like a real swimming super star? Pack your bag by yourself for extra brownie points from Mum and Dad!

  1. Swim suit – you’d be pretty bummed if you forgot this one!
  2. Swim hat – get all that hair safely out of the way – hats help the nice pool people keep the water clean, too.
  3. Googles – give you the magical ability to see underwater!
  4. Shampoo and soap – chlorine keeps the water safe but it doesn’t smell all that nice. Bring your favourite shampoo and soap to wash it all away!
  5. Your Swimming Nature towel – after all that hard work, snuggle up and get dry quick!
  6. Comb or brush – so you can sort out your hair and smarten up.
  7. Progression book – now you’re clean and dry, remember to put the stickers in your book to see how far you’ve come!
  8. Energy snack – phew! You must be exhausted! Be sure to top up those energy levels with a healthy snack like a banana or a nutty biscuit.
  9. Water – being in water doesn’t mean you don’t need it! And all that exercise will make you super thirsty. Bring along a nice drink of water to top you up!
  10. Your Swimming Nature backpack – to carry it all in, of course!

And that’s it! Everything you need to go swimming. Have I left anything off? Tell me in the comments and I’ll make sure I update the list.

Thanks again,

Speedy Ray

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