The statistics are in on how consistency with lesson attendance boosts progression

As the weather starts to take a dive and the busy festive period approaches, we all feel the struggle to keep on top of all of the different commitments in our social calendars. Activities such as the life skill of swimming may sometimes take a backseat, though inevitably taking time out will make an impact on how fast students can learn skills.

In fact, when looking at all of our students in the past two years who have learnt to kick on their back for 10 meters unaided, we have seen a direct correlation between progression rates and attendance. For students who missed no lessons, they in fact learn twice as fast than students who missed one or more lessons. Additionally, students who missed less than 3 lessons progressed on average 40% fast than those that didn’t.

Of course there will be times when attending swimming lessons is impossible through reasons outside of your control, though as we can see, staying on track with your lesson attendance is hugely important.

The more you attend, the faster you’ll see the results!

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