If you are looking forward to a family holiday this summer, somewhere along the way water will most likely play a part – whether at the beach or in the swimming pool – and you’ll be able see all the amazing skills your children will have learned in their swimming classes, all while having lots of fun!

Learning to swim is not just a life skill, it opens up so many lifelong opportunities, and being water confident while on holiday makes a real difference – to be able to swim and snorkel in the sea, jump in the pool or even to go paddle-boarding, surfing or water-skiing.

On holiday, there are so many benefits of having a water confident child – and so many fun watery-based activities they can experience and enjoy.


So that they can safely enjoy their time in the water, here are some of our top tips:

  1. Apply Sun Cream/Block

Always choose a water-resistant high factor and remember to reapply after being in the water.  Coloured sun creams are a fun way to make sure all areas are protected!

  • Cover up

When playing in the water, remember children risk washing off their sun scream, so you might want to invest in some UV protective sunwear.  Hooded poncho style towels are a great cover-up too for children making their way back from the pool / beach.

  • Hydrate

Make sure they drink plenty of water.

  • Water Safety

Always supervise children when playing in or near water, and make sure you know what all the safety signs and flags mean on the beach – and never swim alone or in unsupervised waters.  If partaking in organised on-water activities, always make sure children wear a life jacket.

  • Take a Siesta

Playing in the pool can be very tiring, so for their safety it’s always good to have a break – have a long lunch, followed by a siesta or simply play some games in the shade for a while. It is also important to minimise the time spent in the mid-day sun.

  • Plan Your Day

Make sure when going to the beach, there is a place where children can cool-off and relax in the shade after swimming.  Consider going to the beach early when its cooler, or later in the afternoon.

Whether you are planning a staycation or a holiday abroad – have lots of watery fun this summer!

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