Swimming Nature Triathlon

Getting ready for your first triathlon, or in pursuit of a PB at your next event, we'll help you improve your swim section

The challenge

Our programme caters for all triathletes, from the novice to the PB hunter; the sprinter to the ironman. Using our award-winning methodology we can help all of you to achieve faster and easier swim sections in your race.

The Award-Winning Coaching

Weekly one-hour sessions with our coaches are built around personalised training plans.

The sessions work on technique and fitness, and new drills are introduced each week to improve performance.

Our teachers pick out faults in your stroke and set you drills and practices to correct any. With expert feedback and support throughout your training everything is geared to helping you peak on race day

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The programme

The programme's focuses are streamlined body position in the water, efficient stroke mechanics, positive mind set, improved strength, speed and stamina.

The programme consists of two levels:

Level 1 - Beginner to Intermediate Triathletes (sprint distances)

For athletes wishing to develop their front crawl technique and compete comfortably in 400m to 750m events.

  • Minimum requirement for Level 1 - swim 400m Front Crawl continuously.
  • Strong focus on drills to develop efficient stroke technique and fitness
  • Regular time and distance challenges to chart your progress
  • Swimming Nature Student pack & Log Book, including valuable tips, information and checklists for training and race day.

Level 2 - Intermediate to advanced (Olympic to Ironman distances)

For experienced and competing triathletes wishing to improve their swimming times and stamina at longer events and develop comprehensive open water swimming skills.

  • Minimum requirement for Level 2 - swim 1500m continuously.
  • Specialised fitness and technique work to improve stamina and speed for longer distance events (interval, strength and speed training.)
  • Expert advice and training for open water events and race conditions
  • Regular time and distance challenges to chart your progress and give you training and race targets
  • Swimming Nature Student pack & log book

Need help to achieve the minimum requirements for Level 1 triathlon? Why not sign up for our adult swimming lessons and work on your basic swimming skills? Put your postcode into the locate a centre tool to find your nearest pool or contact us for more information.