Mark Foster Adult Programme New to Swimming Nature. We’re proud to be working with six times World Champion, Mark Foster on his brand new adult swimming programme. It’s the first time Mark has ever teamed up with a teaching method like ours. If you’re a good swimmer, who’s always wondered what it would be like to draw on the “trade secrets” of a world-class athlete, this is your chance to take the plunge and find out. We promise you won’t look back. It’s time, in Mark’s words, “to be bold and be the best you can be.” Foster strength, endurance, power, speed and mental readiness with Foster at Swimming Nature.

The Mark Foster programme for adults focuses on Strength, Endurance, Power, Speed and Mental Readiness. We will take you through sessions designed by Mark and our team of experts which will help you to develop and stick to a structured programme, enabling you to reach peak performance and remain injury free. Adults will learn about what it takes to create champion performance not just in the water but also through guided land training, nutrition and mental preparation sessions.