Mark Foster & Swimming Nature Partnership

The partnership of a natural combination of Britain's most successful male swimmer and the UKs most innovative swimming training company. Delivery of personal training in the water and a range of bespoke specialist teaching programmes, including The Mark Foster Swimming Academy.

"When you've spent a long time doing something, you gain a certain perspective. I learned to swim as a four-year old. I started swimming seriously aged nine. I went to the United States and trained with the fastest swimmers on the planet. I became the fastest swimmer on the planet. In this time I've listened to a lot of people talk about the sport. I've heard enough about the right technique to fill a dozen Olympic sized pools and I've been asked to lend my name to any number of teaching programmes. But I love my sport, not just at an elite level but at a recreational one. Seeing what 20 minutes every day does for an 80-year old excites me as much as watching a world champion. Which is why, while I believe teaching swimming is absolutely critical, who teaches it and how they teach it is even more important. And it's why the only teaching programme I've ever got involved with is SWIMMING NATURE."

It fosters skill, it fosters strength, it fosters self-esteem.

Foster at Swimming Nature.