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Art of Swimming & Swimming Nature Partnership
We are delighted to announce that Swimming Nature has formed a partnership with Art of Swimming Ltd. - home of the internationally-acclaimed Shaw Method, a mindful approach which applies principles of the Alexander Technique to water. Shaw Method enables swimmers of all abilities to achieve optimal body alignment in the water, and swim efficiently with power, grace and ease. As a result of the new partnership, the Shaw Method will be fully integrated into Swimming Nature's adult programme.
Complete Beginners
Perfect for fearful non-swimmers who find it difficult to swim a length or put their face in the water.
Front Crawl
For those who can already swim and glide with their face in the water, and would like to swim yet powerful front crawl.
A stroke for confident swimmers and excellent for lower back mobility due to the continuous wave-like undulating movement.

What are people saying about The Shaw Method?

"My experience on the front crawl course has only confirmed that I should have attended a Shaw Method years ago. I have made very good progress in much less time that I would have believed possible."
- John Mulholland

"Such a good way to learn or improve swimming for people who are not 'naturals' in the water. I enjoy the emphasis on using my whole body to move through the water better. Such a confidence giver!"
- Anne Storey

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Experience the Shaw method and swim efficiently with power, grace and ease. All the courses shown below run for six weeks and have a student to instructor ratio of 6:1.

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